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Fence Prices & Fencing Quotes

Fencing quotes and prices are generally based on a price per meter, and the more meters the cheaper the price per meter. Other factors that will affect the price or quote are the number and size of any gates you need. Gates are far more time consuming than a straight line fence, As well there is the fence alignment to consider, the density of trees and other vegetation as well as the removal of any old fencing.
Once the alignment is cleared of old fences and vegetation all this material has to be removed from site and dumped. All this adds up to considerable amount of labor cost and most likely dumping fees. The total price on your fence Quote can be reduced if you undertake to clear the fence alignment and dump the old fencing and trees yourself.

The type of materials required will also affect the total price on your fencing quotes. For example a timber fence will cost more than a chain wire fence or color bond fencing.

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